This Song of Tina Sani will leave every Patriotic Pakistani in Tears

Terrorism is an unresolved issue of Pakistan. In fact sometimes it feels as if it the only obstacle to the success of Pakistan. Sometimes its Taliban or other anti Pakistan forces that involved in acts of terrorism, and sometimes it is the mob who kills Mashal Khan or people belonging to minorities over blasphemy or other controversies. Whatever the root cause is, the sufferers are “us”.

16th December is darkest day in the history of Pakistan from 2 angles. Dhaka Fall APS Attack Peshawar. 

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Both these incidents have marked such impressions on our minds that can never be washed away. With utter grief I was listening to this song sung by Tina Sani and written by the legend Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Other than these two tragic incidents, I am remembering all those sad happenings when we cried as a nation.

Tujh ko aur kitna lahu chahiye ae Arz-r-Watan
Jo tere aarez-r-beraung ko gulnaar karey

On listening to this particular line, I am imagining the innocent souls of APS who had such short lives. I am imagining all those Pakistanis who died in bomb blasts. These were the incidents that had no reasons and no results.

Patritic Pakistanis

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Kitni aahoon se kaleja tera thanda hoga
Kitney ansoo tere sehraoon ko gulzar karein

I am seeing those mothers who lose their kids. Those wives who lose their husbands in terrorism attacks, army officials while fighting against terrorism, youngsters who lose their friends, and the list goes on…

Patriotic Pakistanis

Tere aiwaanoon mei purzey hoe paimaan kitney
Kitney wa’adey jo assoda-e-iqraar hoe

The governments that come every season promising security, success, opportunities and many more. They take votes, rule us in whatever way they want, and leave. Then another government come, repeat the same, and leave. It looks like the whole musical chair of politics of Pakistan is programmed on loop.

patriotic Pakistanis
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Kitni aankhoon ko nazar khaa gai budkhuaoon ki
Khuwaab kitney teri shahraoon pe sangsaar hoe

When Pakistan came into being in 1947, we were called the Asian Tigers. We were so hard working, talented and enthusiastic. We had a dream, a purpose of touching the skies. But today we are in middle of nowhere… losing and dying…

patriotic Pakistanis
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May be it is called patriotism, that even after facing so much, we still love Pakistan from the depths of our hearts. We pray for its prosperity and peace…

Song of Tina Sani