This song by Aaroh should be the official PSL anthem!

By Hussain Yousuf

The PSL frenzy is at an all time high and a number of songs have been released. The latest entrant to the cricket mania is a mind blowing song by the comeback boys Aaroh.

Whilst other songs are tied down by  a team name or brand statement which comes across as forced creativity, this independent has none of those limitation. Its simple and flows effortlessly with an energy and groove that makes you sway and sing along.

“Jeet” is a foot-tapping pop rock melody accompanied by a video which is an absolutely befitting tribute to PSL, Cricket, Winning and Pakistan.

The song starts with the catchy phrase Jeet Ban Jayay Apna Nishaan followed by an upbeat riff that gets you from the word go and sets the pace for this hummable tune. With Farooq Ahmed on vocals, Khalid Khan on bass, Jason on drums and Asad ul Hafeez on Guitars, this is yet another amazing track that will leave Aaroh and cricket fans delighted.

The song has all the right phrases that are essential to ignite the jazba needed for a cricket match and a chorus that’s unforgettable, the song has all the makings of a hit number like Jazba Junoon and Dil Dil Pakistan. All in all it is a must have on your playlist even if you are the the rare Pakistani who is not into cricket. I have been playing it on repeat and can see myself listening to it all the way through 23rd March and even 14th August.

The video is also very well crafted with cool graphics and editing that is very upbeat and refreshing. With PSL ruling the airwaves, the one question that is on everyone’s lips is which team is your favorite? The video answer this question in a surprising twist at the end that leaves you inspired and energized!

Known for hard core rock hits like “Raag neela” and “Pyaar Ka Jaal” to unforgettable ballads such as “Na Kaho” and “Ik Chah”, Aaroh emerged on the music scene after winning the first ever Pepsi Battle of the Bands and reigned for several year before taking a break.

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They returned in 2017 with music that’s bigger, better and bolder while still holding clear traces of its signature sound with a rocking rendition of Habib Jalib’s famous poem Mein Nahi Manta last year and also appeared on the second season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.