Someone Tore Their Degrees Right on Convocation

I belong to a family where I have seen so many kids doing Hifz-e-Qur’an. I have seen mothers putting lots of efforts in their kids to achieve their dreams of learning whole Qur’an by heart. When the kids are in process of learning Qur’an, mothers give special attention to their diet. Some mothers even design whole diet plan to make sure their kids stay healthy during the process of learning Qur’an as it is a difficult task.

The Hifz students have special routines to have proper sleep, proper diet and proper entertainment so that they do not get exhausted. I have seen mothers taking their kids out on weekly bases for entertainment, and also loving the Hifz students more than the others kids.

In most cases, every member of family becomes part of Hifz as every other person present at home listens to the sabaq of Hifz student.

Then the final day comes. This the day when not only Hifz students get their degrees or certification, but I would say mothers receive it with more “haq”(right). In our culture, I have seen weddings ceremonies arranged on big levels, but trust me the Hifz ceremony is bigger, far bigger than the wedding ceremony. In my family we call the Hafiz girl or Hafiz boy as dulhan (bride) or dulha (Bridegroom). Mostly girls wear lehnga(traditional long dress) or maxi and boys wear Sherwani(traditional dress for bridegrooms in sub continent) The mothers get their make up and hair do from beauty saloon and a grand ceremony is arranged.

This ceremony is very much well deserved, as it is like applauding the great effort by both kids and parents.


Students at their Hifz Ceremony

This is how I have seen Hifz celebrations. And then I saw another Hifz celebration that was going on in Kunduz Afghanistan. The innocent Hiffaz were about to get their hifz certifications, the mothers were about to receive their tokens of appreciation, when kisi ne un ki poori khaiti hi ujaar di (someone spoiled their whole farm). 101 Hafiz-e-Quran were martyred on their award wining ceremony.


I m sure on that day,  heavens would be full of joy. All the hafizs would be reciting “Sibghat-ullah” (the last ruku of Surat Bakra that is usually recited as last sabaq of hifz). The Hifaz would be wearing golden crowns as achievers.

Funeral of innocent Hifaz

Listen to this Syrian Girl

But what about those mothers… Their dreams, they would have gotten free from the tough routine after 2-3 years.  Maybe they had plans of loving their sons like never before. Maybe they were heading to their kids for kssing theor foreheads… Maybe…

While writing this I am not having my eyes wet, as I know these little angels are in a perfect place where is no fear, and they will make sure that they take their parents in Jannah along.


However when I imagine my own son standing in the row of those departed Hiffaz, I feel shiver down my spine. I cannot imagine, in fact I don’t want to imagine the grief of those mothers… it is so painful.

May Allah give peace to whole Muslim ummah. May Allah give patience to those mothers, and create ease for them.