Social Media War Between Reham Khan & Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Heated Up!

We have been hearing about Reham Khan’s book from quite long. There were rumours that Reham will release her book few days before elections as it is very much against Imran Khan, and obviously Reham is not supporting her ex husband.

Hamza Ali Abbasi started it as Reham Khan didn’t cast him in Janaan

Then kahani mei twist aa gaya with Hamza Ali Abbasi’s tweet

Obviously Reham had to reply,

Then Reham put further dirt on Hamza by tweetng this

And yes Hamza has to reply this

hamza abbasi reham khan

And here are the images of emails between Reham Khan and Ahsan Iqbal, provided by Hamza Ali Abbasi

Reham Khan called it cyber bullying

and yes the renowned journalist of Pakistan Talat Husain also called it Cyber Crime

Another thread of emails provided from Hamza

And the latest

The war between both celebrities getting intense. Hacking is a big crime indeed. However defaming someone for personal interests in not a naiki either.

One that we all should appreciate about Imran Khan is, he has never said a word about Reham Khan. This is not a small thing.

What do you think, who is right? Reham or Hamza?