Six Yummiest Drinks You Can Have in Iftar Other Than Laal Peela Sharbat

The biggest excitement before iftar, is drinking something that can sooth your dry throat. Now what to drink is usually not a big question because it is understood that the iftar table would have yellow or red sharbat.

However towards the end of Ramadan, we all get frustrated with these sharbats. And we don’t even want to see them on Eid.

However there are some extremely nutritious and yummiest sharbats that you can try in iftari today

1. Lemonade

Lemonade is a very healthy drink, especially the citrus in it gives you instant refreshment. All you need to make lemonade is, lemon, sugar, salt, black pepper and cold water.

Drinks in iftar
Via taste of home

It depends on your taste, but generally you need 5-6 lemons, Sugar as er your taste, pinch of black pepper and half tea spoon salt, mix in water to make one litre of lemonade serving four people.

2. Mint Margarita 

Mint Margarita is another citrus rich drink. People have different recipes of making it. The prime ingredients are mint leaves, lemon, sugar, kala namak (black salt) and cold water or 7up(Sprite). I am not a big lover of fizzy drinks especially in iftar, so I like mint margarita in water.

drinks in iftar
Via Neel’s Corner

Depending on taste you need to put a handful of mint leaves, 7-8 lemons, sugar as per your taste, half tea spoon kala namak (black salt) in almost 3 glasses of water, and mix it in Juicer Blender.

3. Strawberry Juie

Like Mint Margarita, strawberry spitzer can also be made either in 7up or cold water. So basically you need a bowl of strawberries, kala namak, sugar and cold water or 7up(Sprite).

drinks in iftar
Via Kitchme

To make strawberry spitzer, grind a 10-12 medium sized strawberries in a cup of water, sieve it in malmal or net cloth, add sugar (as per your taste), pinch of kala namak (black salt), and then grind it again in juicer blender with 3 glass of cold water.

What To Drink In Iftar

4. Falsa Sharbat

On drinking Falsa Sharbat, you actually feel thand inside you. To make this sharbat, you need a bowl of falsa, sugar, kala namak(black salt) and cold water. To get the best results (for those who like smooth drinks and do not like seeds in it), you can sieve it through net or malmal cloth.    

drinks in iftar
Via Diary of a PMP Mom

Grind a full bowl of Falsa in 1-1.5 cups of water, sieve it, then add sugar(as per your taste), pinch of black salt and cold water and grind again.

5. Peach Juice

Peach juice is made on the same recipe as that of Strawberry juice. It is again optional for you to make it in 7up or Cold water. The basic ingredients are same, peach, sugar, kala namak(black salt), and water or 7up.

drinks in iftar
Via Organic facts

Grind 1-2 peaches, add sugar as per you taste, pinch of black salt and mix in cold water.

*You can adjust the proportions of sugar as per your taste and requirement. For those who avoid sugar can add sweeteners. With the Kala Namak you will not experience the typical taste of sweetener in the drink.

6. MilkShakes 

drinks in iftar
Via Food Network

MilkShakes are always treat to have. They are nutritious and tasteful. There are three kinds of milkshakes that you have these days and can be easily make in home. The are MangoShake, BananaShake and StrawberryShake.