Six Types of People You Will Find in Kinnaird College

Kinnaird College is one of the most fun and exciting times of one’s life. You get to see and meet people of all kinds. While attending those boring lectures during the semester, you do manage to find something funny among those whacky fellows.

Celebrate your last days at University like these NUST students 

Being a Kcite, you will definitely find these 6 types of students around you and you can totally relate to this post. Some are smart, some annoy the hell out of you and of course there are always the ‘geeks’.

Here are the types!

1. The Fashion Queens

Who can beat a Kcite in fashion? All those young glamorous ladies dressed in the latest branded Sapphire or Khaadi lawns to total babes wearing the trendiest western outfits to the ones having Prada Bags, you will find them ALL at Kinnaird College! Ahh! And most of all the typical RED LIPSTICK! How can you ignore that?

Fashion Queens
Fashion Queens

2. The NERDS

How can it be a class if there isn’t a “geek”?
That annoying human sitting at the very first seat in class, who reminds the teacher of every single assignment at Kinnaird College, test or quiz drowning the whole class and being the teacher’s pet! *I can see the hate coming* XD

Kinnaird College


No matter what time of day or how important the subject matter is, this person shows up late in every single class. She has a list of excuses out of which she uses one every day! And then there comes a time when the teacher doesn’t ask you why you are late and isn’t bothered by it anymore! *Salutes*

Kinnaird college
Late Comers

4. The Picture Princesses of Kinnaird College

If you’re a Kcite, then you would be much familiar with the never ending love for pictures. That love and hate relationship with the famous Kaleem sahab beside the Big Tree, to the goals of having classy pictures in the empty corridors with perfect light and to never ending selfies all around the campus. And how can you forget the Pout faces?  Yes! This only happens in Kinnaird College!

Kinnaird College
Picture Princess


5. The Silent Texters

Who can tolerate those boring 90 minutes lecture without having an escape? Admit it or not, you can’t attend the whole class without sneaking into your phone by putting it under the arm of the chair or eye contacting with the teacher so that she doesn’t find out what you’re up to and continue talking to your bae or perhaps satisfy your inner gamer! *Multi-tasking*

Kinnaird College
Silent Texters

6. The Stand-Up Comedians

This is the joker that’s always making quips in the middle of class. They’re usually amusing to professors and students. They can’t remain serious for more than five minutes and can’t let you be too. It’s always fun to be around them. They are often a source of changing your depressed or stressed mood swings. From cracking jokes at your classmates to roasting the professors, these pros are hilarious and will make your tummy hurt from laughing out too loud.

Kinnaird College