Six Things I Enjoy Most About Rain

Monsoon is here, and Alhamdullillah it is raining almost everyday. As humans we are happy as rain makes the hot weather pleasant, but as Pakistanis we are overly happy as this rain might fill our water reservoirs and take us out of water scarcity tensions. I love rain for many other reasons too.

1. Music in Rain

rain and happiness
Via Farmers Almanic

You are trying to sleep at night, and suddenly hear tip tip of baarish. Its the time that you cannot actually go out and enjoy but still you start enjoying the rhythm with which the rain drops fall on the ground. How beautiful it is that same rain drops give different sounds when they fall on different surfaces. Like in homes there are fibre glassed roofs (for sunlight actually), when rain falls on them, you experience huge noise. When it falls in garden you hear soothing mellow sound. Usually its always very soft to hear the rain, something that relaxes your ear buds like no one can…

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2. Fragrance of Soil

Isn’t it beautiful that mostly we first smell the rain before we actually see it. the fragrance of wet soil is so amazing that it pours peace into your whole body. Its rain that makes the soil wet and you experience such amazing fragrance that no artificial scent can create.

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3. Scenery

No matter what scenario you are into, rain always turns the surrounding into most beautiful scenery. The green trees become more green, or its better to say Lush Green. The sky looks so beautiful. It seems that all the colours become brighter with rain.

4. Joy & Happiness

Via Farmers Almanic

Rain is something that immediately puts smile on your face. No matter how worried you are, tensions going on in your life, but rain… Rain as is the tablet of relaxant that makes you happy instantly.

5. Justice 

rain and happiness
Via Daily Mail

Rain is the best example of Justice. Whether you are short or tall, rich or poor, fair or tan, high class or low class, live in a posh area or a jhuggi, rain is for everyone without any discrimination.

6. Thand

Air conditioners, room coolers, chillers, nothing can beat the coolness caused by rain. In hot summer days, rain actually puts thand everywhere around.