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Six Reasons Why Imran Khan’s Victory Speech Sab K Diloon Mei Ghar Ker Gai

BIG DAY for Insafians and Imran Khan. We all were waiting for his victory speech since the time elections results started showing his victory. We all wanted to hear the speech, BUT we all were scared too. We were scared because Imran Khan has always been so blunt in all his public addresses. His direct hits have always been hard to digest.

However, his speech was something that we didn’t heard in years. Maybe some leaders in past were this good, but in current era, in my three decades life, I haven’t listened to such an amazing speech by any Pakistani leader.

Here are few reasons why I feel IK’s speech was worth listening

1. Example of Madina

The moment I started taking interest in politics, I have read and listened many politicians doing politics in name of Islam. However not a single person set goals of public welfare as per Islam. In 7th grade, I read in my syllabus that Hazrat Umer RZ said (Allah forgive me if I am wrong) that if an animal dies because of hunger, I will be responsible for his death on the day of judgement. We read in newspapers, we see it on TV that many people die because of hunger every day, and not a single politician is bothered about it. THIS was quoted by IK today. He knows it. He mentioned many times during his speech that people are living below poverty line, that the government needs to work on it.

He said that Madinah would be example for him. The way Madinah, the first Islamic state established itself, he will establish Pakistan.

2. Prime Minister House

99.5% of Pakistanis have never seen PM house for obvious reasons, they are not meant for us. We just hear the stories of luxuries of PM house. Garden of 2 crore, dogs of 6 crores, sanitary of 8 crores etc… IK today promised that PM house would be used for public. Also the guest houses in Nathia Gali and other hill stations would become hotels to flourish tourism and benefit the locals.

3. His Stance on Rigging

He didn’t get hyper on allegations of rigging. In fact he invited other parties to . bring forward their stance and encouraged rechecking through proper channel.

4. Stance on Kashmir

Yes, IK did not forget Kashmir. I think its the first time someone has mentioned that Kashmiris have been through a lot. He said that the best thing to resolve issues is negotiation. Its high time both parties should sit down and negotiate. It looks like he is serious about bringing out our Kashmir from oppression.

5. No Personal Enmity 

This was the most crucial point. I was expecting that he will start criticising other politicians like he always do. But he didn’t. I felt it was a leader from Pakistan, not from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

6. Accountability 

We all know, how important accountability is for the rule of law. Unfortunately this one factor is being compromised from years in Pakistan. But IK said, accountability will start from him, and then his ministers. He said that he will protect our taxes.

Imagine if he actually does all this… If he actually proves to be the man of his words. Are we dreaming??? Yes we are… We are dreaming of Naya Pakistan which will be true inshallah.

Jab bht andhera hoo jaata hai to subha hoti hai…


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