Six Preparations Every Woman Should Do Before Bakra Eid!

We are having Bakra Eid or Eid-ul-Azha in very few days. For every house wife, or the woman who looks after the kitchen, this Eid is Kaamoon Wali Eid. Even working the whole day sometimes do not bring perfection. From Goosht samaitna to BBQ, everything needs lot of attention and time. So here is the list of few things should be done before Eid can help saving your time and energy.

1. Chatnis

bakra eid
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Make the Chatnis for BBQ today. These chatnis may be Imli ki chatni, Aloo Bukharey ki chatni or Dhanya-Pudeena ki chatni, depends on your taste and trend. Raita, salad should be made on the same day of BBQ, as they are very probable to get rotten. However you can conveniently freeze the chutnis.

2. Coal for BBQ

Bakra eid
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It used to happen at my place that at the time of BBQ there were no coal. So now I make sure that I have them days before Eid.

3. Vegetables

Bakra Eid
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Usually in Eid days, vegetables become so expensive that you have to think twice even before buying the very basics pyaz, tamatar. So make sure you have the vegetable used in daily cooing stocked before Eid. These veges maybe onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and lemon.

4. Masalas

Bakra eid
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It helps a lot! Before Eid make sure you have some half cooked food in your freezer. For example, you can make pulao and biryani masala, and right after Qurbani you can add the meat in it. You don’t have to go through the whole hassle of cooking along with other essential chores lined up on Bakra Eid. Instead you just take out the cooked masala from freezer and prepare the meal.

5. Cold Drinks

bakra eid
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Cold drinks have prime importance on Eid days. This is also because many of us believe that cold drinks help in digesting food. I do not know about the authenticity, but my personal experience says that it actually digests food. It maybe wrong. We all have different body metabolisms. Anyways make sure you have stored the cold drinks before Eid.  

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6. Kacha papeeta and Kachiri powder

Bakra Eid
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Kacha papeeta or kachri powder helps in tenderising meet. This is again very important. But unfortunately we house women remember it right on the time of applying masala to the goosht. And usually its not available at that time. So get it now!

I have shared this Pre-Eid preparation with my personal experience. It would be great if you share your expertise too 🙂 .