Six Celebrities That Should Say Goodbye To TV

Here’s a list of celebrities we decided to butcher a little today for they have been testing our patience by invading our TV screens for aeons. Please take it all in good humour!

1. Fiza Ali

celebrities That should say goodbye to TV
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Luckily for our sanity, Fiza Ali acted in a few dramas and then took a break after getting married. However, her comeback hasn’t been one to applaud. In fact, she has gotten weirder. Her acting skills lacked maturity when she was a new comer, but as she has grown into the role of a wife and a mother; her level of maturity still seems to be on a break. Good news is she acts way less now. But bad news is she makes frequent appearances on different morning shows apart from having hosted shows of her own. Maybe it is time to say a final farewell to the industry?

Maria Wasti

celebrities That should say goodbye to TV
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We have all heard, gold is old but sometimes not so much. Maria Wasti has maintained herself quite well. She is still a beauty and seems like her looks have become better with age. She has acted in a number of dramas giving us quality work. Like all actors having exhausted themselves of doing dramas, she too shifted to doing a morning show but with style on a cruise ship in Turkey! Her morning show has been a breath of fresh air, with a more composed and structured show and personality like no other morning show. But then again it would be a good food for thought for this diva to slowly say goodbye?

Nida Yasir

If anyone comes to mind with the mention of morning shows, shadi keralo, make up seekh lo – it is Nida Yasir. Morning shows have a strange reputation in Pakistan. A lot of women waste two good hours of their lives in front of their televisions most days if not the entire week. We are not being judgmental, we need morning shows but we don’t need shows cloning each other on every other channel!

celebrities That should say goodbye to TV
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Nida Yasir is one such person whose father was a renowned director. She got married into a family where almost everyone has been in media for years. But that is it for her. She isn’t known for her great acting skills or hosting skills. She has been hosting the morning show for so many years on the same channel without hopping from one to another without any controversy like few other hosts. Now this sure is credible. But in all these years, Nida Yasir hasn’t been able to polish up her content or style. We sincerely suggest it is time to call it a day!

Babar Ali

celebrities That should say goodbye to TV
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There was a time our film industry introduced a good looking and charming new hero. But this didn’t last as long as we expected. Babur Ali soon turned to television and did a few good roles. With no one really noticing, Babar Ali disappeared from our screens. No films and no television. He did make a comeback but unfortunately not as impressive as he was when he initially entered the industry. Looking a little aged and also a misfit among all the new faces and talent, Babar Ali has had a hard time getting more roles. So how about venturing into something else?

Faisal Rehman

celebrities That should say goodbye to TV
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There are people who look the same age year after year. The award for looking forever young goes to Faisal Rehman who looked young and fresh until recently. Now fortunately or unfortunately his age has started to show. The once charming and happy go lucky vibe of this handsome guy seems to be fading. He has slowly transitioned into father roles where he seems to be struggling with acting. We want to remember Faisal Rehman to be that handsome guy and not an actor poorly playing the role of a father.

Ijaz Aslam

celebrities That should say goodbye to TV
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Some people can just not act but somehow keep acting! This is beyond us but Ijaz Aslam has shown he has the ability to stick around despite no real acting skills. He has done some famous dramas back in the 90s. We don’t see him as much in dramas but he hasn’t stopped. If some work comes along he takes it up. His duo with Faisal Qureshi became quite popular from two comedy dramas that both did together. It brought out a different Ijaz Aslam who still lacked great acting skills but managed to sail through it. We would like to see you expanding your clothing line only, please!