SIUT Inaugurates Bashir Dawood Operation & Transplant Complex

Recently  Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) inaugurated a new operation and transplant theatre complex in Karachi. SUIT’s head Professor Dr Hasan Rizvi addressed the opening ceremony of the Bashir Dawood operation theatre complex.

SIUT has 35 modern dialysis machines at their institute

During the presentation he reminisced about his friendship with Suleiman Dawood, father of Bashir Dawood.  The founder of SIUT expressed how waiving medical fee for patients feels good. Suleiman Dawood had come to Dr Hasan Rizvi for treatment and was impressed with free of cost treatment. Later he donated funds for dialysis centre and operation theatre. Today SIUT has 35 dialysis machines that carry patients’ treatment without a fee.

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Around 10,000 children undergo dialysis at SIUT every year

The new Bashir Dawood operation and transplante centre at SIUT has state of the art system. It is one of its kind in the country. With the inauguration of the new theatre, the total number of OT is now 24.

SIUT building
via Urdu Point

During his address at the inauguration ceremony he stated that around 10,000 children undergo dialysis at SIUT every year, with the institute being the largest dialysis centre in South East Asia. Everything from radiology to dialysis is provided free of charge. After Shaukat Khanum, it is SIUT in Pakistan that also provides brachytherapy.

Apart from Dr Rizvi, vice chairperson, Zubeida Mustafa also spoke at the event. She  thanked the efforts of Dr Rizvi and the donors for making the institute successful. Many other health experts were also present at the opening ceremony.

All power to the doctors and health care provider who spend day and night for the well being of patients.