Sidra Nasir: An example of bravery and breaking stereotypes

It is normally said that life is not a bed of roses. The difficulty comes with ease. Bad times comes after happiness. For sure, there is always a ray of hope and light in dark. Several people have gone through several major breakthroughs in their lives which actually test the nerves of a person. One such example is of Sidra Nasir, whose life has been full of roller coaster incidents, but her courage, determination, and consistency lead her to face all odds with present-mindedness. So, let’s explore Sidra and read her courageous story!

1. Tell our readers about your background.

Sidra Nasir

I am the first-born child. My father was a self-made businessman and my mother has always been a housewife. I have a younger sister and a brother. My sister is a dietician and now happily married. My brother is masters of filming and television and now working as an associate director for a tv serial.

Sidra Nasir

2. How you managed the trauma of father’s death and the outcomings from society.

We had a pretty comfortable life when my father was diagnosed with third stage non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Being a self-employed person, my father had no medical and health coverage from his employer that forced us to liquify some of the assets to sponsor the expensive treatment. Some friends have helped us a lot financially and emotionally in that hard time we can never thank them enough for their support. But cancer won, and I lost my father. Thus, started all new challenging era for all of us. Relatives and their judgments on what we eat, how we dress up, where we go, their unwanted suggestions and their undue interference in a disguise of “help” was the biggest challenge. Everyone had only one solution to our problems and that is to find the rishtas and compel the girls to go. I refuse to take their interference and decided to live our life the way we want. I continued my studies with my job and we three completed our studies Alhamdulillah.

3. Kindly explain briefly about your achievements.

I have done master’s in economics. I am a Chartered Insurer and a Gold Medalist. My achievements five consecutive distinctions worldwide in my Chartered Insurance program for that I have been awarded a Gold Medal by LII and two international awards by Chartered Insurance Institute London. I was awarded John Grieg prize for the highest score worldwide in Economics and Business in 2016. And The Crawford (Overseas) Prize 2017 for the best result overseas in the completion of my Chartered program.

4. What are you doing these days?

Sidra Nasir

I am working for UBL Insurers as an Assistant General Manager. My journey with UBL is almost 10 years old.

5. What is your motivation for everything you face?

My family.

6. Who is your biggest support regarding what you are doing?

My family and especially my father was my biggest support in whatever I have achieved in my life.

7. What were initial thoughts from your family/peers when you floated your idea of doing a job?

I started working as an internee in my father’s life. He was a liberal and progressive man. Thank God my family has always believed in women empowerment. By family I mean my parents and siblings, rest are just people who always have issues with everything and everyone. Relatives, neighbors, and people, in general, do not usually have an issue with women working and earning but they always have issues women making decisions. We badly need “progressive men” in our society, progressive fathers, brothers, husbands, colleagues, and friends.

8. What were the most challenging moments in your job?

I don’t often see successful women in my profession. It is a men dominant profession. Girls need to fight harder to make a mark. But I am lucky to have few supportive people around me.

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9. Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

Yes, but it’s not an end but just a beginning.

10. What are your future plans?

I am going to continue studying and complete my Fellowship title. Probably will not give up working for another 35-40 years.

11. Any suggestions to those who get stuck in life and find it a blind alley that has no light at all.

Never give up and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. No one in the world can define your limits. Allah has blessed each one of us with something special. Explore what you have.

12. Any thoughts about

Scrolling down my Facebook wall, I always get to read something interesting, motivating and informative because of blogs like Good going.

All the best to Sidra Nasir for her bright future. And we hope that her difficult yet struggling story inspire others too.