No, not at all, there is no plan to rephrase or copy Sir William Shakespeare’s Frailty, Thy Name is Woman. We just want to elaborate type of sugar which are available and being consumed in our part of planet earth. None of us is stranger to these words Shakkar, Gurr, Misri, Cheeni. Here Cheeni does not mean Chinese, but it is table sugar that we use in our routine life.
Here comes the crushing season of sugarcane and we see freshly made Shakkar and Gurr every where.

There are different type of sugar made from sugarcane, and thanks God we have sugarcane rather than beet because sugarcane is better source of sugar.



Reading the above heading, immediately comes in mind “Ghee Shakkar“. “Ghee Shakkar” is multi-purpose, it can be used as a healthy diet but at the same time as a phrase “Ap k Mu mein Ghee Shakkar“. It is manufactured in mills as well as in villages by using “desi” methods. It is free of chemicals or least chemicals and is preferred by people.


Gurr is purely made in villages by cooking sugarcane juice and cooling it in form of small pieces. Some people add dry fruits in Gurr which is presented as gift among families. It contains no chemicals and is considered digestion booster if eaten as dessert. Touching the recipes of Gurr we can remember Gurr ki chae, Gurr ki Kheer, Gurr K Chawal. “Gurr se Ishq Meetha” phrase does not seem true when we have a bite of Gurr after meals.


Misri or Mishri is a form of sugar with larger crystals. However it is considered very healthy than table sugar this this myth is rejected by medical science. It is also used in herbal medicines. Its crystals are very clear and looks attractive. It is also made in different colors. In Punjabi folk songs, a charming, energetic, white and neat young     man is called “Misri Di Dali Warga“.


It is the table sugar we used in our everyday life. It is in small crystal form and white color. There was a time when it used to be given through quota and ration cards but these days it has lost its value among people. It is looked down upon and called “white poison” because it has been declared responsible for diabetes. Sugar is burdened with whole responsibility, ignoring the fact how ruthlessly Man used it for his vested interests.


Sugar is a carbohydrate derived from natural sources. We all know that carbohydrates are very important for our body. It is main energy source for body. But excess of every thing is bad. It should be very clear that all types of sugar has equal damage to diabetics. If a diabetic tries to tell you the myths that Gurr, Shakkar, Misri does not effect diabetes, they should be immediately corrected. Shakkar, Gurr, Misri, Cheeni; Thy Name is Sugar.