Where is our Sense of Humour?

Switch from one channel to another and all we get to see  is the dramas with the same story line more or less.  There is a guy, a girl, a jealous ex or an innocent fiance waiting to have a fairy tale life. If it is not that simple, it is always about love. Some would say that is a good thing. But then again, in the same story line about love, there is vengeance, there is vendetta, there is a lot of women crying, there is a lot of men abusing, there are a lot of women plotting. The good wins most of the time. The viewers get their catharsis.

No doubt our over all production has improve, direction, acting skills, sets, location have all become better. There is more glamour. There are new faces, new talent, young people and old people all coming into the field of acting. However, there is still something missing from our screens.

Back in the late 90s, we had quite a few good sitcoms, some of which we can still instantly recall; Family Front, Teen bata Teen, Shashlik. And if we go more back in time there were some really good scripts with good humour sprinkled along with some serious themes and undertones in the screen plays. For example we had Angan Tera, Sona Chandi, and Guest House to name a few.
Today however, every channel is churning out sitcoms but none to be remembered for their quality of humour at least. Bulbulay which seemed like a breath of fresh air in the beginning started to become stale with the same kind of ‘kiaaaaa’ ending with the characters loudly exclaiming in unison. Likewise, Mr Shamim, another sitcom being run for more than 2 years at least, has nothing new to offer. In fact in some episodes, the viewers can easily tell that the two actors pretending to be part of the same scene got their shots recorded at different time. For example, in an episode I watched recently, the protagonist played by Ahmad Ali Butt was shown in conversation with a maid. Not even for a second did we see them together in the same frame. There was a constant switch from one shot of the protagonist to one of the maid, with zero variation in shot type.


Via Dawn

I cannot even say that we are living in turbulent times and that we need some lighter shows on our channels. It just sounds so repetitive, and reeking of ‘seeking sympathy’. It is as simple as the demand and supply rule of economics. With our media and TV channels offering their services 24/7, it is the right of the viewer to get content that has variety to it. We need comedy shows but scripts with good humour in them, humour with a proper plot and well built characters. It is time we replace Juru ka Ghulam, Bulbulay, Dugdugi, Mr Shamim sitcoms with something better and new.