After a painful session of scaling (yes, it is painful to me) my dentist said, try avoiding a lot of tea or coffee. It stains your teeth. I had the same look on my face that every chai lover has. Yes, just like yours. The dentist did not stop there. She also mentioned something about sugary diet by which time my mind was already day dreaming about chai.

Recently a team of scientists in Italy researched on plaster casts of human remains of the ancient Romans in Pompeii, who died in a huge volcanic disaster in 79 AD that buried the whole city in its ashes. Interestingly CAT scans were carried out on these plastered human remains to study the bones and teeth. Studies found that Romans of Pompeii had a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Their diet was very low in sugar. High intake of sugar rich diet makes us more prone on getting cavities and tooth decay much earlier. Lack of proper dental hygiene is one factor contributing to teeth prone to faster decay. However, in light of the scientific research what food is being consumed also determines their whiteness and their hygiene.

And here’s comes another cup of tea. Ah!