Say No To Diamonds!!

Diamond rings are presented by men to their wives to be. Its a long followed tradition which leads to spending more or less “THREE MONTH SALARY” on the engagement ring.

In 1938 an advertising DeBeers initiated a campaign which focused on spending a huge amount of money or buy an expensive rock for the engagement. As a result of the campaign which was targeted primarily on men, a sense of luxury and extravagance was created in the minds associated with the diamonds.  Well, they are actually not that valuable as one might consider them!

Young women started associating this primary to proposal. The size and quality of diamond was then compared to the amount of love, affection and sincerity.

On advice of Gerold Lauck of the N.W.Ayer advertising agency, DeBeers then started to market diamonds as a status symbol.

“The substantial diamond gift can be made a more widely sought symbol of personal and family success — an expression of socio-economic achievement.”

  1. Rings in the boxes

So from then it’s a common thought that a man of means, aspiration and love would buy his wife nothing less than a diamond ring. Else he  would prove to be an  utter disappointment.

From then till now, the diamond market remains convinced. As 80 percent of the men  buy diamonds for their wives to be.

Reasons not to invest in Diamonds:

But, investing in diamonds is not a wise investment!

Diamonds have far less inherent value than they retail for. Jewelers just offer one third of the original price. So, it’s a poor investment, a tradition which is merely waste of money. Its an act of senselessness and stupidity to prove your love and  commitment by presenting a diamond.