In recent ICC media release, Pakistan has beaten New Zealand for the very first time in ICC Women’s Championship series with 2-1 in Sharjah this Sunday.

In opening match on 31st October after fighting pretty hard, Pakistan lost just by 8 runs. However with the collective efforts of Captain Bisma Maroof and former captain Sana Mir Pakistan won the final match of the series by 5 wickets.

For each win, teams score 2 points, a single point for tie and zero points for losing a match in ICC Women’s Championship. That’s the criteria set for ICC Women’s World Cup scheduled in 2021. The World Cup will be hosted by New Zealand along with top 3 teams that would qualify to ICC’s summit 50-over event for women.

Bisma Maroof, Pakistan’s captain said about the team’s performance, “There were some areas where we lagged behind and which we will try our best not to repeat again. Overall, I’m satisfied in comparison to our past games but there is a lot we need to work on. The results were certainly not as per expectations. Nobody comes to lose. We could have had it 2-1 in our favor. But that is part of the game. We are more confident now.

“The (Pakistan) bowling side has done tremendous work in curtailing New Zealand players to not go on hitting as they would against us in the past. Especially Sana (Mir) and Sadia (Yousuf) were very good with the ball. Also, the batting line has shown good improvement; Javeria (Wadood), (Bibi) Nahida and I had good partnerships.

“But we need to stay more on the wicket. We have to make the most of the key moments and finish them well, that’s where we are weak and need to work on. Plus, its crucial to improve fielding too. The difference (between the two sides) was in fielding. They were really good with that and we were good with bowling. In batting, we lacked experience so couldn’t make most of the key moments.

“This was our first tour after the World Cup, in which our performance was not good and then playing against such a strong team had had a double pressure on us. But we tried our best not to look back and focus on what we had in hand. The girls have shown an obvious improvement under a new coach Mark (Coles) and management, so I am happy. We have beaten them now and it has given a good boost to our morale.


With hard work and efforts Sana Mir has made its name on international scale.