Samsung’s Reply to Low Priced Chinese Phone With it’s New M-Series Phones

Anxious to take on the challenge of Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Samsung is planning to launch a new budget Galaxy M-series phones with expected to reach India for the first time. As reported by Reuters in 2019.

South Korean giant is serious to boost it’s salas, as Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi crosses Samsung in India. Xiaomi taking more market share in recently times. These Samsung’s cheap phones can be a game changer in the region.

Expected to arrive in India by the end of January (or about a month before its flagship Galaxy S10 emerges). The Galaxy M10, M20 and M30 are planning to make a complete global plan on Samsung’s online shop and Amazon’s India site.

Low in price, but high in class!

“The M series has been built around and incepted around Indian millennial consumers,” said Asim Warsi, Samsung’s head of mobile business in India. Reuters, said the new phones should double in the online sales of Samsung phones in the country.

Although the features of the M Series have still not been confirmed, Warsi said the phones will be large batteries and fast charging. The M20 will support the previous rumours that the M20 would feature a solid 5,000mAh battery. The largest of any Samsung handset to date.

Key note here is that, these sets will developed and made in India. I hope our new leadership will also make policies to attract tech giant to make and develop mobile phone and other tech related products here in our beloved country Pakistan.

Picture credits: TechRadar