Samsung Patents Smartwatches To Measure Blood Pressure Now?

Samsung will now be making a patent of measuring blood pressure in our smartwatches! 

As we are advancing more and more in technology, our lives also becoming different. There are pros and cons and generally we end up discussing how changes likes these will affect our lives.

Samsung Gear XI smartwatches

We already have fitness bands that measure our heart rate and smartwatches that have similar features. But wow let us imagine a BP checking feature right on our wrists!

There is news that BP measurement would be possible through a light sensor technology which is like heart rate sensors.

Samsung Galaxy Gear watches were first produced by the company in 2013.

The design below shows how the watch will work and probably look like.


Samsung patents a way for smartwatches to measure blood pressure

A polarized light will detect the intensity of scattered light. There could be chances of some errors if the watch is not really fitted, a little loose and it may not read the blood pressure reading.