Rivalry of Apple and Samsung is not new, it basically started when Apple sued Samsung for copying it patents, which caused billion dollars loss to Samsung. Few days back Apple again took Samsung to the court over its patent issues.

Realizing the fact, this time Samsung mocks Apple in real harsh way through an advertisement video. It explains how Samsung keeps itself ahead of Apple in many ways, for instance, waterproof feature, wireless charging, stylus technology etc in a sarcastic way.

Via Samsung Mobile USA

Considering Apple’s 16GB storage, in 2013 Samsung manufactured Galaxy Note 3 with 5.5-inch display and also introduced storage cards to enhance the built in memory, and Apple continued to use a small 4-inch panel for iPhone 5S.  In 2016, the South Korean tech giant Samsung started making fun of Apple for staying outdated and not providing its customers with waterproof device in iPhone 6. However Samsung on other hand manufactured Galaxy S7 Edge with water resistant features. Therefore Samsung users definitely don’t need to put there handsets in rice bowl for absorbing moisture.

Obviously, it’d have been easy to poke fun at the iPhone X for the universally mocked “notch” design.