Samsung and Apple at Loggerheads Once Again

As users of smartphones we always want to stay up to date regarding all news from the world of technology. From the new models of smartphones to latest software updates, the upgrading from Lollipop to Marshmallow operating system – we want to know it all.

Amid all the development taking place in the world of technology especially mobile phones, the tech giants Samsung and Apple are often found at loggerheads with each other. It is nothing new when we hear of these companies filing lawsuits against each other. Recently, Samsung and Apple are making news for their second patent infringement case. The case began a few days ago in District Court of Northern California, US.

The two giants were set to meet in order to estimate the amount Samsung has to pay Apple for violating three patents so far.

There are new patents and recent devices at the heart of the lawsuit. When an earlier decision was made regarding this lawsuit, it went in favor of Apple with $890 million. The lawsuit against Samsung includes patents such as the slide to lock feature, auto correct, Siri’s universal search.

However, this isn’t the first time they face each other in a lawsuit. The million dollar companies have been at each other’s throat since 2012.

This lawsuit does not only involve Samsung and Apple. Google is said to represent Hiroshi Lockheimer, Vice President of Android, and former Android Chief to testify that Android was developed without taking ideas from Apple.