Salman Khan’s Going To Jail Has Sparked Reaction in Pakistan

Salman Khan, the famous Bollywood actor who needs no introduction made it to news yesterday. A lot of furious reactions came in the aftermath of the verdict passed against him for a 20 year old case of killing a black buck.

Salman Khan has often made it into news not just for his successful films but also for his roguish behaviour. His rather dubious history with breaking the law put him in a difficult position. His talent on one side, but his sense of morality is another matter altogether.

Here’s what we at want to shed light on especially since our own celebrities have reacted rather strongly to the actor’s 5 year jail sentence verdict.

To begin with Salman Khan has a penchant for displaying careless behaviour and that too on issues that affect society at large. His history with law put him in a  hazy position.

We are not sure how his colleagues have reacted to the news. But our own celebrities sure have been vocal on social media, raising voice against the unfairness of the verdict. What really matters is how much his own countrymen especially the Bollywood fraternity reacts to this news. From previous incidents we know that the artists are also first nationalists and then actors. We have seen the likes of Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut take very careful stance when it comes to news about banning Pakistani stars.

Could the conspiracy theory be true that the bigger game is that the conservative groups in India want to cleanse the film industry from all the Muslim actors. The bigger chunk that makes Bollywood what it is today is the role played by Muslim artists; be they Khans on the Silver screen, or poets and musicians behind the cameras producing amazing work of art. So we can only wait and watch how things turn out in the coming years for minority in India and Bollywood.

We would also like to hear from the star in trouble himself. What is his take, what does he want to say in his defense? And what did he say, if anything in the courtroom yesterday?

Is it safe to put all the blame on Salman Khan’s lawyer who made a poor defense for his client? It would be interesting to know how his lawyer tried to defend the star.

We don’t know for sure if the entire blame can be put on Salman Khan who is a heartthrob to a lot of people. He has often shown his softer more human side as well. He has displayed his gentleman behaviour. But can any of that save him from a crime he has been charged for?