Sal Khan; Founder of Khan Academy

We all know Salman Khan the actor, but do we know world famous Salman Khan?

khan academy

Salman Amin Khan, an educator and entrepreneur who founded world’s number one Virtual Academy, Khan Academy. It’s an free online education platform, he has produced over 6500 video lessons. He was born in US to a Bangali family, he has three degrees from MIT and a Harvard MBA. Khan is married to Pakistani-American physician Umaima Marvi.

How it Started

In 2003, Khan began tutoring his cousin, Nadia, in mathematics over Internet using Yahoo. When other relatives and friends sought his tutoring, he moved his tutorial to YouTube where he created an account in 2006.
He quit his job as financial analyst in late 2009 to focus full time to developing his YouTube channel. Khan Academy had their first real funding from Gates Foundation and Google. His videos received worldwide interest from both students and non-students.
Khan outlined his mission as “to provide a free, world class education to anyone, anywhere.”
One can find a variety of subjects on Khan Academy; Maths, Science, computer, Art & humanities, Economics & Finance. Khan is also planing to extend the “free school” to cover topics such as English. He is known as the “Messiah of Maths” and Khan Academy as “the future of education”
Moreover, as of 2017, Khan Academy’s videos on YouTube have been viewed over 1.2 billion times.   He has 60 million Registered students on his website and Bill Gates happens to be one of them. Till now he has received 9 million in donation from Bill Gates and 11 million from Google. Khan Academy has ruled out that it won’t charge for learning, and it won’t put ads on the site.
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