Kiran Sadhwani , The First Thari Female Engineer

Kiran Sidhwani, a 23 year old Thari girl belongs to an under privileged un- developed area of Pakistan, Thar. With least educational opportunities she opted to study engineering. She obviously had no idea that being a Thari girl, one day she will be the first girl hailing from the Thar, appointed as an engineer.

Dream of a Thari Girl

She had a dream to work for the development. A well-being of her area which she achieved by getting  job of an engineer at the Thar coal project.

23 year old Thari girl at her convocation
Sadhwani at her Convocation

Journey from Nothing to Everything

She did her B.S from the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. Kiran was the first girl of her community to study engineering or even study in a university. Sadhwani applied for the job at the Thar Coal Project right after completing her degree. She could have easily applied for a job graduation in developed and advanced cities like Karachi. But she pursued her dream of working for her own area to serve her own community.

Out of 40000 candidates Miss Sadwhani was the selection during the process of recruitment which was very tiresome. Moreover, she had a  fear of failing at every step, but the ambitious girl passed every stage and crossed every hurdle successfully. “I proved that a Thari girl is equally competent, despite all the issues she faces in the region”, said Kiran Sadhwani in an interview.

Miss Sadhwani is the only girl working on the site in total of 25 selected candidates.

“I wanted to reside at the site so I could visit the mining site easily and learn in the field. I didn’t want to live in my comfort zone by just confining myself to office work so I persuaded my father to allow me to stay there,” she said.

Sadhawani’s father was first reluctant to let her stay on the site as it was very  extra ordinary for him as well to let her daughter work at the site but as he met with the officials at the site he allowed his daughter to stay.

Kiran Sadhwani with her family
Family of Kiran Sadhwani

“I was over the moon as I had got the opportunity and a platform to prove myself.” said Miss Sadhwani. As women are kept in their comfort zones in the area Kiran is hailing from.

Hundreds of non-government organizations are working in Thar. But it is still very difficult to change the mind sets of the people of the area. It is the need of the time that the officials make the best of their efforts to promote education in the under privileged areas like Thar.

Via Tribune