Saba Qamar Runway Fall

We keep on doing and reading great debates on confidence. But showing right amount of confidence on right occasion is a “Big Deal”. This is what I witnessed and learnt from Saba Qamar is recent Bridal Couture Week 2017.

Saba Qamar

She appeared on stage with full glamour and beauty in Uzma Babar’s latest collection ‘Umsha’. Her golden dress was glittering in the best way and she was looking jaw-dropping stunning. In mid way of her ramp walk, she tripped and lost her balance.

Saba Qamar

It must be one of the most embarrassing moment for her, and the audience thought that she will get up and go back, thus would stop her show then and there.

Watch Video here

BUT, amazingly she got up and continued her walk as gracefully as she was before the fall. She completed her walk as per the plan. I wonder how, but she managed to stay calm, perfectly calm. Her facial expressions did not tell the whole of audience and the camera eye what she was actually thinking at that moment. It was indeed an inspirational move left so many people in awe…

Indeed your confidence can conquer the world.

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