Rumours of Mahira Khan’s Secret Engagement are FAKE, And Why Don’t we Mind Our Own Business🤔

There are speculations since yesterday that Mahira Khan engaged last month “secretly” to an entrepreneur Salim Karim who is the CEO of Pakistani start up Simpaisa. IndiaToday published the news on 2nd May 2019, and says that both got engaged in a private party in presence of closed friends and family.

mahira khan engagement
Via India Today

What adds fuel to the burning news are the pictures Mahira shared few days back from a Wedding party where Salim is standing next to Mahira.

Mahira Khan engagement
Via Instagram

Considering the fact that the news is coming from an Indian Publication, there is no wonder that it is FAKE. We all know, in fact the world now recognises this additional quality of Indian Universities that they give complementary degree in exaggeration to all Mass Communication students.

What’s the ONE thing that makes Mahira Khan “Different” from others

Apart from the news and the spices, I am wondering whether Mahira has engaged or not engaged, whether Salim Karim is her friend or no friend, what are we supposed to do?

I wonder when would we realize that its NOT our birth right to comment on the personal lives of celebrities. Its gives me shivers down my spine when I read the news about the mental torture celebrities go through when they have to face trolls and bullying. Please educate yourself and learn to mind your own business. Celebrities, politicians and other public figures are equally sensitive as you an me are…