The Right Way To Wash Your Hair

If you are like me and chances are you are mostly in a hurry when washing hair; too busy or too lazy to really take out time and think if your way dealing with your hair is right or not.

Yes, it is true. People including you and me do not shampoo and dry our hair the right way.

But we do take care of our hair. We buy conditioner with the shampoo, also oil our hair twice a week, okay maybe just once a month. And we love our hair so much we like to experiment dying them different colours. And who doesn’t like to have a nice fancy hair cut once in a while, right?

And yet, most of us don’t pay attention to how we shampoo and dry our hair. Because who has got the time?

So we have compiled a list of things famous hair stylists around the world say about taking care of the hair.

Rinse properly

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Don’t use a lot of shampoo in one go. Use small amounts but twice. And rinse really thoroughly. Rinsing helps getting the dandruff and dirt out of the hair.

Be gentle

massaging hair
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Do not massage your scalp harshly. Be gentle.  If you have long nails, don’t scratch your roots and scalp in a hurry.

Desi hard core chumpi is a NO

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Do not do a ‘chumpi’ the desi way when oiling or shampooing. With light movements wash your hair. Same goes for oiling. Generally in our culture we massage rather strongly, with our heads swaying left and right.

You are drying your hair, not your clothes

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We usually start rubbing our wet hair into the towel as soon as we get out of the shower. There is no need to be that enthusiastic. Drying your hair fast is no competition. The trick is to gently pat your hair in the towel.

Don’t overuse the towel, or the hair dryer

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Let your hair air dry naturally. If you are running out of time and have long locks, yes using a hair dryer may become crucial. But if you do, then use heat protection and end your blow drying with cold air.