Review on RACE 3-Even Sallu Bhai’s Falukas Couldn’t Save the Movie

By Shoa Bina

I TOLD my friends to watch 7dinmohabbatin with me but they underestimated Pakistani films and we went into Race 3 and it hurt so much to have wasted our money on it. Even the popcorn didn’t taste any good watching this crap.

Race movies should be made with #saifalikhan with #anilkapoor and even #akshaykhanna . Such a disappointment to see #salmankhan acting like he was 35 which he clearly is not any more. And to see anil kapoor as his almost daddy was such a joke.

Anil kapoor opens up the film with his arriving in a desert in a fur coat. I felt like I needed more ice cubes in my diet coke.

Bobby Deol was such a waste of time spent in gym because no matter how toned he looked in the last scene where he and Salman remove their shirts to, umm, fight better nangay, his role and his dialogues were so weak. Dialogues and song lyrics were the weakest thing in the film. Salman wrote some lyrics himself so I’m sure the crappiest were his. Bad songs. Badder dialogues. Baddest storyline. Even Jacqueline couldn’t save it with her pole dancing and her …. nothing else. There was absolutely nothing noticeable about her and I actually like her generally.

I know everyone is warning against Race 3 already, so I would ask you to beware of Race 4 as well because sallu hinted on it in the film!

Now can someone take me to 7dinmohabbatin ?????