Review on National ka Pakistan

I am doubtful if there is any person on this planet who can live without food and travel. Ok, I can omit traveling, but FOOD? No one can say NO to food. Priorities change, trends change, new flavors are invented, new cooking styles are being introduced, cooking shows and competitions take place, ecological options are there, health awareness programs are running and all these reasons lead to the fact that food is the reason to connect people. Whatever you shop as an eatable or whatever you cook, there is a lot of effort from masses of people belonging to different walks of life, trying their best to deliver the best to the consumer.

One of such efforts to connect people of Pakistan is depicted by a program, National ka Pakistan. Its season five is on air these days on many channels including Hum TV, TV ONE, Geo Entertainment, Express News, Masala TV, 8XM, Sindh TV, Roohi TV, City 42 and Geo News at different timings but on the same day, i.e. Friday.

The Execution of Show

Zeeshan Raheel is the director of program whereas Saadat Siddiqi and Shuja Haider are its co-hosts. The essence of this program is to explore true colors of Pakistan through eyes of a renowned celebrity chef, Saadat Siddiqi and a musician, Shuja Haider. This program is basically a kind of travelogue in an attempt to cover and highlight regional food, music, and culture. So, it is kind of ALL in one package.

A “Must” Watch

There are many plus points of this program. Firstly, it takes us to the journeys which are not easily accessible by everybody, so we get to know the beauty of our beloved country through this program. Secondly, I like the way how both co-hosts approach a common man, talk to them and appraise their talents, whether it is in food category or music. Thirdly, we get to know how rich is our culture when it comes to focus on small but famous regional industries, like bangle industry, handicrafts, sports industry and handmade stuff. Lastly, I always admire chef’s open-air kitchen. He always finds an ideal location to cook some regional food but in improvised version and in the best natural setting.

Things to work on

But as nothing is perfect in this world, so there are also my few thoughts and advice on getting it better. First, the use of English words or sentences with simple common man somehow teases me. I mean come on guys, kindly judge your respondent’s level of understanding first, to be more justified. Second, I sometimes observe that the respected chef just focuses on cooking, without giving respect to the place in terms of cleanliness. Dear sir! we all are responsible for our environment.

Overall, I recommend you that if you love food or love traveling, or both, or even nil, watch this show for some good change.

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