Reasons Why People Of Hunza Never Suffer From Cancer And Live Up to 120 Years

The people of Hunza tribe live in the Hunza Valley in the mountain region of Pakistan. These people are famous for their remarkable literacy rate, incredible health and resistance to several ailments. These people owe their health to their life style and nutrition.


Most of the people belonging to the Hunza Tribe live over 100 years, there are cases documented of people living even up to 150 years. Their women can give child birth even at the age of 65 and over. They seldom fall ill and are rarely heard of suffering from heart diseases and Cancer.


The literacy rate of the tribe is approximately 95 percent which is very astonishing for such a small tribe. By looking closely, scientists are of the thought that the reason behind their health is their simple life style and warm approach.

After doing keen research on the life style of this tribe, following are the points which scientists think play a vital role in maintaining healthy lives.


As mentioned earlier, almost all the people are educated and live longer than the rest of us Pakistanis, so Education plays a key role in promoting healthy life styles.

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Organic Food:

The people of Hunza eat their self-grown organic food which helps them avoid numerous ailments like cancer.


Healthy Relationships:

Whether single or committed, one should make sure to stay in a progressive phase and must jump out of unhealthy relationships to avoid stress as stress is a silent killer.

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Physical activeness:

People of Hunza work in their fields which makes their muscles strong.  Scientists consider physical activeness as a key point in a healthy life. So all of us should make sure to spend some time of our regular routines in exercise and work out.


The Hunzas’ are an inspiration for all of us.

Furthermore,implying knowledge of these people in our life styles can increase the global longevity and may even prove as a cure to several ailments.