Six Reasons Why We Cannot Stop Using Facebook

Social media is an addiction. Once it was the days of the Orkut. Then came along Facebook, the more sophisticated and interesting platform that took the world by storm. In recent years the truth behind the social media platform began surfacing. Some uncomfortable truths about surveillance, intrusion of people’s privacy through these online platforms took many of us by surprise. Only last week Mark Zuckerberg ‘apologized’ for passing on private information of Facebook users to third party apps in the light of the data privacy scandal.

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So what is it that still stops us from using Facebook?

1. Personal Gratification

cannot stop using facebook
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Unfortunately we have become people who want public appreciation. And this has become even more easy with Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram etc. With all the options to like and love, we find it super convenient to post about our new job, degree, engagement, marriage and travels for the world to know about.  The response by our friends and family boosts our morale, nothing gratifies us more than the ‘likes’, ‘clicks’ and ‘shares’. So what about our privacy? Well I have made sure all my privacy is intact!

2. Stalking The Ex

cannot stop using facebook

How can one keep track of people around us? of course it is Facebook that keeps us aware of whats happening in people’s lives; more specifically our exes be they ex boyfriend/girlfriend, ex fiance, ex husband/wife or any other kind of ex. Hence it is sensible to stay on Facebook to stalk the once upon a time part of our life person.

3. Searching The Potential Rishta

cannot stop using Facebook
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For some years now the rishta deal is sealed when the girl and the guy have searched their potential life partner from A to Z on facebook to their heart’s content or as much as the other person’s privacy settings allow.  Arranged marriages have taken to Facebook, it is that crucial a platform for us at least. Not only does a person collect information about the guy/girl in question, sometimes if luck allows, one can also stalk up on their friends and relatives as well.

4. Celebrating Days on Social Media

Mother’s day, Father’s day, Best Brother’s day, Best Sister’s day, Valentines days, and all sorts of days are celebrated more on Facebook than in real life. Whether our parents are on social media or not, we make a pretty emotional post, adding all the adjectives spilling out our endless love. Chahyay thori dair pehle khoob baisti kerwai ho ammi say.  

Chances are people don’t wish or express such emotions directly to others today or even if they do, it just a hug, a gift and definitely a picture which eventually goes up on Facebook to document the ‘moment’. If it is mother’s day, the rest of day is spent doing regular chores by the poor parent while the kids take compliments and likes for their adorable mother’s day pictures.

5. Public Display of Affection

It is extremely important for married Pakistani women to do a lit of PDA once in a while. Ab akhir sub ka dil kerta hai.

cannot stop using facebook
Husband thanking wife for tea

It is also important to butter up the husband and in laws a little when it is the better half’s birthday, anniversary, new job. Then on yearly basis if not more, we have to update our profile photos with our perfect clothes and some gorgeous backdrop to refresh our relationship online as well. The customary expressions of love and gratitude flow from the ideal wives to their ideal husbands.

6. Venting Out Anger

There are people in our list who like to vent out their anger, annoyance towards a ‘certain specific’ person in their list with succinct posts and quotes to drive their message home. Sometimes it is not just anger but a show of defiance to the annoying colleagues, relatives, ‘some jealous in laws’ to stay clear of their path.

cannot stop using facebook
Wife giving hate messages to her husband

Maybe you do too?  Whatever the reason, there are reasons enough and Facebook an appropriate outlet to express one’s message/feelings indirectly to multiple people.  If nothing else it does give people some level of catharsis.

In our busy lives, with so much going on around us, it is imperative to stay on Facebook; to share, express, like or even dislike passionately. And we all do at least one of the above if not more. But whatever we do on social media, let us not forget to stay kind to others.


This post was intended for some collective appreciation of our addiction. Do not take it to heart. So now please like and share our post on Facebook, and happy “facebooking”.