This Is The Reason Why Meesha Shafi Has Deactivated All Her Social Media Accounts

Few days back, Meesha Shafi the renowned name of Pakistan pop music alleged Ali Zafar for sexual harassment.

Recently she has deleted her instagram and facebook accounts. Now she is only active on twitter.

In her conversation with Images, she told that she has taken the step because she faced immense cyber bullying.

Since the time Meesha has accused Ali Zafar, we are seeing variations in attitude of people. As the controversy sparked, it looked like the air is in Meesha’s favour. People started highlighting old tweets of Ali Zafar which showed his disgraceful comments about women, and also many women came forward saying that Ali Zafar harassed them as well.

Then Ali Zafar sent a legal notice to Meesha Shafi thus charging her for defamation. Then with time, we saw many celebrities coming forward and saying words some in favour of Meesha Shafi and some against her. We also saw Hamza Abbasi talking some sense about the whole issue. Then there were the leaked videos of the jamming session, during which Meesha said Ali Zafar harassed her, but there was nothing of the kind in those videos. The anchor of the Khara Such created lot of Sansani saying that Khara Such has done something really really remarkable and have took out the video. WOW!

I watched the video, but could not find anything noticeable in the video, not because there was no “harassment” in the video, but because it was not at all necessary that the harassment really took place “between” the session. It could be there before or after the session.

But people started believing the video. Then the video showing ‘the judges’ issue of “Pepsi Battle of The Bands”. It made little sense.

Does these leaked Videos Show Meesha is lying about Ali Zafar’s Harassment? 

Then gradually people started supporting Ali Zafar. There was a star studded gathering arranged by Rambo (Afzal Khan) and gave this message

However the controversy is still unsolved. But people have started taking sides. There are news speculating that Meesha is moving to Canada with her husband and two kids.

Meesha Shafi deleted social media accounts

Although it turned out to be a rumour as according to a report by Daily Pakistan, she is not moving permanently.

According to recent reports, she has deactivated her insta and facebook accounts, because she was facing intense bullying. In interview with images, she also said, ‘ They have been deactivated for very obvious reasons, one would think. The abuse, threats, bullying and slander that I have faced is the reason I felt the strong need to protect not just myself but my family, especially my two young children who were also being subjected to personal attacks online.’

The problem with us is, we are always in hurry to come to judgement. We don’t wait for for the judgement to come itself, but we always think ourselves too wise to jump to conclusions.

I wish whoever the victim is, will get justice.