The Reason Why Allah Wants Us to Fast

Most of us fast in the blessed month of Ramazan, primarily because we are born in a Muslim family. However, we hardly know the actual reason of fasting, or in other words why does Allah wants us to fast.


Its written in Surah Baqrah,

Why should we fast


“O you who believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you so that you may become righteous (Muttaqeen).”


This ayah clearly shows Allah’s purpose behind fasting. He wants us to be muttaqi. Now the question is, who is Muttaqi?


Muttaqi is one who has taqwaTaqwa means, to be cautious about yourself, watch out for trouble, or protect yourself from trouble. Now here comes the next question, what kind of trouble? The trouble of losing something, the trouble of displeasing Allah and His messenger (PBUH), and also disappointing yourself.


Relationship Between Fasting & Taqwa

Apparently, it looks like that the relationship between fasting and taqwa is more psychological than physical. However, in my understanding its very much physical. While fasting, it’s the thirst and hunger that you feel. You are damn thirsty, and water is right in front of you, but your conscious shuts your desire down, and says No! wait until Maghrib. Then you see food, you are hungry, you want to grab and eat it. But your conscious again stops you from having it. And you step back. Similarly, fasting doesn’t only refrain you from eating and drinking, but other things as well, like it filters what you say, do, hear or smell…

What To Eat In Ramazan

There are so many things that you want to do, but your conscious becomes your master and it stops you from doing anything that can pollute your fast.  In short, your conscious is in charge and your body is submissive.


So, the 30 days of Ramazan are like a training camp for us. From the time we see the moon, Shaitan gets chained, so there is no one to betray us from the right path.


In my understanding, Ramazan is like an artificial training camp where Allah bounds Shaitan, and we are not testified by the shaitani behqawa. But then after ramazan, we step into real life with the real enemy, SHAITAN. So, its upon us how much we train ourselves in this blessed month and attain taqwa. After all, we all look forward to enter the gardens of Jannat, no one wants to be the fuel of hell fire.


Allah, who loves us more than 70 mothers, wants us to fast so that we become pious and qualify to enter Jannat.