Top Five Funny Questions Desi Patients Ask Doctors

The patient-doctor relationship is no less like a spiritual one. For patients and their attendees, a doctor is the last hope who gives an indication of life in almost a deadly soul. Besides the seriousness of the job responsibility of a doctor, patients sometimes come up with such funny questions which are beyond the scope of the profession. Such funny questions desi patients ask doctors are as follow:

1. Dr. Sahib me theek to hojaunga naa?

Asking such a question on a minor headache or seasonal fever is most common to ask by our desi patients.

Questions Desi Patients Ask

2. Dr. sahib meri phuphi ki nannd kay dewar kay bachhy ko b yhi alaamaat then, dr. nay usey botal (drip) lgai, or wo bilcul thik hogya. Kia mere bachhy ko bi botal hi lgay gi?

Desi attendees who are expert in making comparisons and come up with their own diagnosis.

3. Dr. sahib mera mian kab thik ho kay apny kaam pe wapis ja skay ga?

A pure personal question which depends on patient’s body responses and will. And hence, the doctor has no clear answer to this.

Questions Desi Patients Ask
Desperate female doctor sitting at her office

4. Ultrasound krwa k dekh len, kahin pathri to nhi?

And those intelligent patients who not at all hesitate to convey their suggestions and doubts.

Questions Desi Patients Ask

5. Dr. sahib mera blood test check krwaen, zaroor koi garbar hai.

Hats off to those unwanted and continuous recommendations.

Is your mind already bombarded with other doctor-patient questions? So, don’t hesitate to share as laughter is the best therapy.