What is “Punish a Muslim” hype all about?

For a past few days, “Punish a Muslim” letters have been a center of discussion in every talk, whether it is in a mall or a dinner talk. Television programs and media influencers are also observed talking about Punish a Muslim day. It is actually a letter distributed in many countries among the individuals stating that a special day (which is considered as a national holiday) is dedicated to punishing a Muslim. Whoever gives harm to a Muslim or their pious worshiping place i.e. Masjid would be rewarded with some points.

Punish a Muslim
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On 3rd April 2018, people who throw acid on Muslim face, pull a hijab from a Muslim girl head, burn a Masjid, threaten or harasses a Muslim in any possible way, would be acknowledged and rewarded. This act is so unacceptable. What is a fault being a Muslim? No one can ever justify his act by harming others.

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I believe that there are all types of people in every religion and society. It is not Muslims who are terrorists. We want to spread peace and love, not blood and guns. I think such letters are just a way to harass the Muslims to stay inside of their houses, and thus empowering them. I request you all Muslims living in societies with diversified religious backgrounds, please stay safe and vigilant. Please don’t be harassed or bullied by others. Don’t interrupt your daily routine tasks just to make them powerful. Rather be brave, trust in Allah, move ahead but with care. All hijabi sisters, kindly don’t go outside alone. Accompany with other friends and go in a group.

Stop harassing a Muslim. May Allah keep all Muslims safe! Ameen.

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