Public’s Reaction to Aineeb’s “Prolonged” Wedding Will Give You Fits of Laughter

In this age of social media, we eat for people, sleep for people, smile for people, cry for people, jump for people and even marry for people, lol.

Yes, I mean most of our actions are meant to be posted on social media. To impress people in many ways. Being couple; see how lovy dovy we are, being a girl; see how beautiful I am, being a housewife; see how sughar I am, being a husband; see how caring I am, being a daughter/son; see how much I love my parents, and the list goes on…

Desi Weddings and our Big Mouths 

However for people on social media, we are just a “time pass”. They will look forward to our posts, like and comment, then another post, they will dislike and comment, then another post, they won’t even bother, because something else will catch their attention. This is sad but true.

Take the wedding of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt. Without any doubt they are one of the most beautiful couples. We have been waiting for their wedding since quite long, in fact somehow we are still waiting for their wedding, lol.

This Couple Just Made Everyone’s Life Easy By Marrying Saadgi Se

People looked forward to it, liked it, loved it, and then got fed up, exhausted and then started trolling it.

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Sad but true!

This is Aiman Khan’s and Muneeb Butt’s wedding. They are celebrities, they take such trolling. More or less its their routine, if not this topic then something else. But how about us? the normal people…

There are minimal of four functions on an average wedding. The hosts give their best shot! Spend millions of money to take the awful reactions of attendants;

Bara congested hall tha

Khaaney mei kitna namak tha

Uff Tarkey walei chawal nai khayei jaatey

Baithney ki jaga hi nai thi

Itna paisa stage pe laga dia, bhala pulao goosht ka paka lete 

Meetha to bht hi thora tha, hum ne khaya hi nai

Bari bejoor shadi thi, dulhan dulhey se bari lag rai thi

and the comments go on and on.

The moral of the story is, you can never ever make people happy. So try to adopt modesty. People will remember Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt for months, for being a beautiful couple, extended unnecessary wedding, waste of money, and unrealistically big number of functions. However I will remember Saheefa Jabbar’s wedding for being decent, simple and one-day wedding celebration. Try to set trends that stay in limelight not for a day or a month or a year, but for generations.