Priya Prakash in Headlines AGAIN

While going through the news, this took my attention, “Winking is prohibited in Islam, plea by Indian Muslims”. Initially I could not get this news. According to my knowledge singing, appearing in movies, etc, nothing is acceptable in Islam, then why poor winking took the criticism.

Priya Prakash
Via Hindustan Times

Let me give you some background. The lady Priya Prakash Varrier gained fame, I mean lot of fame through her debutante song, Manikya Malaraya Poovi. Thanks to her excellent winking skills, that made everyone her dewana (sorry for being so cheesy).

Unfortunately, I must say, other than her cutest winking, the Oru Adaar Love star had other reasons for staying in headlines too.

Soon after the release of song, an FIR was filed against Priya Prakash by Muslim youth for hurting sentiments of Muslims, as the lyrics of the song were found inappropriate. The FIR said that the song speaks about Prophet and his wife in a disgraceful way.

Priya Prakash
Via Newstadka

Now recently, in a report by Indian Express, two residents from Hyderabad India have filed a complaint in Supreme Court appealing to remove the song from movie as they say winking is “blasphemous’ in Islam.

According to applicants “The 30-second clip shows a schoolgirl and schoolboy exchanging smiles, eyebrow wiggles and winks from across the class. Winking itself is forbidden in Islam and in a case where the act of winking is superimposed with a sacred song, written in the praise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his first wife, the same act becomes an act of blasphemy,”

They further said, “Picturisation of the present song is a deliberate attempt to malign the image of Islam. The present song is intended to outrage the religious feelings and beliefs of the Muslim community,”

The complaint filed by Raza Academy says that no action has been taken so far, in context of FIR against the movie, and thus demanding further investigation.

The President of Raza Academy told News 18, “The lyrics are of a Malayalam folk song which is only sung during Muslim events. Using it in movies or any form of entertainment is against the Islamic laws,”

Unfortunately most of the Indian lyricists do not bother using Islamic words while writing songs. In history we have witnessed many songs with Islamic words like, Inshallah, Subhanallah, ShukranAllah Walhamdullillah, etc, without even knowing their values for Muslims. They just have to make their rhymes. We do not stop them from writing songs, but the sentiments of Muslims should be valued too.