PPP’s Shehla Raza Faced Immense Criticism on Her Sickening Tweet About Ahmadi Community!

Pakistan is meant to protect rights of minorities. When it comes to protection of rights, its not about saving them from Maar Peet, but also giving them equal opportunities on every front. Thats what Pti government did, but unfortunately some people who have to go for inteshar and fasaad, can go to any limit.

However few hours after the tweet, Ms Shehla Raza figured out that kuch ghalat ho gaya hai, so she took the burden off her shoulders by deleting the previous tweet and saying,

I don’t understand when people cannot manage their social media accounts, why they make them. Also how come “an official account” goes in hands of “ambiguous people”?

I feel politicians do such acts to take chance of getting popularity. As there is a famous saying lag gaya to teer nai to tukka. I hope one day they will realise their positions and stop using religion and mob mentality for their personal benefits.