Political Games of Parties and Future of Parliament

General election of 2013 in Pakistan resulted in government of Pakistan Muslim League (N) in federal and Punjab province. Keeping in view the history of elections in Pakistan, it was not unusual to hear the allegations of poll rigging from opposition benches. But this time these were not only allegations but a planned movement was started by Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf against P.M.L(N) for rigging in general elections of 2013. The agitation increased day by day and ultimately situation leaded towards a long sit-in (Dharna) by P.T.I in Islamabad. During the sit-in, a great danger appeared to democracy and parliament of Pakistan but this threat was neutralized by parliamentary parties and the system was prevented to be derailed.


Last year in 2016, Panama leaks by I.C.I.J once again triggered the political situation in Pakistan because it contained names of family of then prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif. But this time the political war was decided to be fought in courts rather than on political field and judiciary was chosen to be key player in the political scenario. Petitions were filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to initiate its constitutional jurisdiction on the issue of Panama leaks. In its verdict of 28th July 2017, Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified prime minister Nawaz Sharif and opened accountability references against him and his family members. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was also nominated in N.A.B reference and they were called to face trial in accountability courts. New prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was elected in the Parliament and he chose his new cabinet members.


supreme court

There were two options for Nawaz Sharif, either to accept the verdict and let the new set up work or to start agitation against his disqualification. Nawaz Sharif decided to agitate his disqualification and verdict of apex court in the public rallies and protests. He accuses establishment and judiciary for sacking him in false and frivolous case. This agitation has bad impacts on new elected prime minister and his cabinet and parliament. Whole attention of government has been revolving around the legal war and public protests against the Panama verdict. State is working without a finance minister and prime minister is unable to function properly without presence of Nawaz Sharif. To say things simply, it can be said that presently government is not functional in Pakistan and its economy, industry, agriculture and other sectors in danger to collapse.


Party names This time parliamentary parties did not showed solidarity with the P.M.L(N) and its policy of agitation and the Parliament is completely divided on this issue. Every party is trying to score in next general election rather standing for democracy and state. P.T.I demands for immediate and before time elections while P.P.P wants to complete tenure of Parliament. P.T.I has joined hands with a religious party of K.P.K while M.M.A is being revived by J.U.I (F) and J.I. In this situation, most important is what the P.M.L(N) wants and wishes to do. 

What appears till now is that the Pakistan Muslim League (N) wants that something should happen which results in dissolution of assemblies and Parliament and collapse of federal government. This view can be supported by the argument that prima facie there is no chance of restoration of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister of Pakistan and his ability to contest next general elections, so they would like to be rolled back. This roll back will enable them to win next election being victims of establishment and judiciary and once again they would have something and someone to blame.

This political game and adventure of parties may be helpful to them to play power politics but it can harm the democratic system and sanctity of parliament. If all political parties vow to strengthen the parliament and democracy rather than playing suicidal games, then Pakistan can move further. Current scenario does not give a good gesture specially when the Speaker of National Assembly and Opposition Leader of Parliament are saying that they are smelling something bad in near future for the Pakistan.