The Polish Couple is totally in Love with Pakistan

Travelling is something we all are fond of. We love to explore new places, experience adventures, go beyond borders and many more. However there are very few who actually do so. A Polish couple, Kate & Lukasz have recently set an example. They left all their fears in Poland and started exploring the world.

Kate is a painter and graphic designer and Lukasz is a fashion photographer. While on their route to “world’, they didn’t use helicopters or airplanes but moved through hitchhiking so that they can have good interactions with locals too.

They started their journey from Poland, crossed Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and right now they are here in our beloved city Lahore (Pakistan).

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Chit-Chat With Kate & Lukasz

In an interview with, Kate & Lukasz shared interesting thoughts about Pakistan.

How do you feel being here in Pakistan?

Kate & Lukasz on Bik ride

It is very addictive to be here. We love this country, it is so interesting.

You must have heard a lot about terrorism and life threats in Pakistan through media, what is your stance on that?

I feel that was not true, it is a peaceful country and safe for tourism. Media portrayal about Pakistan was not correct.

You’re a fashion photographer by profession, so have you found good content to be photographed here in Pakistan?

Fashion is totally different here than European trends. We are invited to different fashion shows about which we are very curious to see. But here I mostly focused on street photography.

What Stereotypes are broken after visiting the country?

It is for sure that Pakistan is still facing the terrorist problems, but for normal exploring its 99% safe. Like its absolutely fine if you don’t want to visit the tribal areas or other dark places in big cities.

Your views about women in Pakistan.

Kate in Kalash

 My perception about the status of women in Islam has totally changed after visiting Pakistan. Islam is not strict for women as many people think. In fact to my surprise we have met families where women rule the house.

You guys are traveling as a couple. Do you disagree on where to and how to continue your traveling? 

Kate & Lukasz standing on a rock

Me and Kate totally agree where to go because we want to explore as many places as possible. We do not fear to go anywhere. There are disagreements on many other daily things, many funny stuff if we think about it now… We spend all days together. Thus sometimes it is hard and we don’t have anything to discharge our bad energy.

What is your favorite Pakistani food?

Biryani, Daal and Daalmaash.

We avoid BBQ as initially when we were in Kyrgyzstan, they only used to eat meat. And we got very tired of it.

Are you facing any trouble with having such meals which are very different from your homeland?

We are here for more than month. It is very easy to get food poisoned here for so many people coming from other countries. We are used to “clean” food and every restaurant and street food is checked for cleanliness. Here in Pakistan, it is totally different. And so our stomach face different flora it’s normal to get that. In whole Asia we need to be very careful when it comes to food.

Which place have you liked the most in Pakistan?

Kate in Hunza

Hunza and Kalash. We also like markets of Peshawar and Lahore.

Are you into Shopping, Lukasz?

No I am not, as I am saving money with one jeans and four t-shirts. However Kate is very excited about Pakistani Stuff.

What do you like most in Pakistan about Shopping Kate?

When I see woman clothes in markets or in shopping centers, I just can’t resist to buy something. They are so beautiful, decorative and original. It is a pleasure just to touch them. Pakistan is enriched with varied fabrics, if I would have opportunity and more money, I would buy everything.

Kate and Lukasz are having lovely time in Pakistan. I felt great to be in conversation with them and listening to encouraging stuff about my dear country Pakistan.