PlanX: Pakistan Information Technology Board’s (PITB) Innovative move

What is PlanX?

The Pakistani startup community has experienced the major growth over the past few years. Majority of them started their operations from Punjab, making Lahore the heart of the entrepreneurial IT basis. So, what is being done under the name PlanX? PlanX: Pakistan Information Technology Board’s (PITB) innovative move. It is Pakistan’s first accelerator of its kind, aiming to promote IT start-ups. The goal is to become a bridge between businesses and technology in the form of connection with angel investors, easy access to business advisors, and providing a platform for global market exposure.

Perks PlanX offer

In addition to co-working space, trainings, and dedicated mentorship, PlanX also aims to sponsor the most innovative startups through investment summits. The perks also include free of cost laptops, wi-fi internet facilities, uninterrupted supply of electricity, legal advice and business development consultancy. PlanX also gives a platform or database to connect with potential clients. In only a short period of three years, PlanX has accelerated 37 startups till date.

What is special about PlanX?

PlanX has initiated investment culture in Pakistan. Not only this, an idea of shared workspace/ co workspace has also been introduced by PlanX. It also provides a room to partner and scales up your business through well-established larger players in the market. Like any other developed country, Pakistan is also aiming to compete in IT sector. This soil keeps on producing such brilliant minds who are not only keen on IT skills. But also realizes the need of the hour. If one business has to compete in this cruel and ever-changing business dynamics, being proficient in IT field is mandatory. Otherwise, business would be stagnant.

These already established startups have managed to raise $4 M local and foreign funding. Moreover, PlanX originates more and more jobs because of ever growing new hi-tech startups. About 900+ jobs have created through startups.

The man behind this idea is Mr. Umar Saif Chairman at Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).  We will shortly write in detail about his vision on an advanced Pakistan.

We, team, strongly believe in such initiatives. Such constructive Government moves make us proud. We hope that it flourishes like anything. And we keep on expecting such initiatives for the betterment of our country’s economy.

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