#Plant4Pakistan: Because it’s Not About “US” Only But Our Generations Too!

Am I the only or you also feel that this year summers are draining us very badly. We are sweating like anything. Obviously we all cannot afford Air Conditioners 24/7, so we are ending up in extreme whether conditions. Why? Because we did not bother about trees. We didn’t take the alarming signs from climate. Whenever the smog passes, we forget. We were worried ONLY while experiencing it.

What is Smog Actually???

However now, our leadership is thinking about our environment and climatic changes and taking actions as well. #Plant4Pakistan is the great move by the PTI Government. And the great thing is that everyone is part of it!


Celebrities on #Plant4Pakistan


Are you feeling so important? I am… Because I feel that our leadership is valuing us. It is valuing every Pakistani.