Picture of a Woman Going Viral Who is Smiling with Peace Sign in Front of An Anti Islam Protest!

After decade of pain, sorrow and hiding the identity, Muslims have finally realised that they have nothing to do with terrorism. Those who are into bombing, mass shooting and destroying the peace of world, have no faith, have no Allah.

I am just loving this picture of Shaymaa who is smiling in front of an anti Muslim protest probably happening in Washington.

muslim woman at anti muslim protest
Source: Instagram

The banner and placards protestors holding say,


Rather getting furious on this degrading message, the lady actually acted as a “Lady”,

I am remembering the time when people used to insult (Naozubillah) Prophet and our religion, he used to stay calm with a reason that angels are dealing with those who are against Islam. He never stopped preaching, and continued till Islam was in knowledge of many and he became the biggest inspiration for humanity. Unfortunately we got scared because of everyday increasing Anti Muslims propaganda.

The Courage of Wife of Naeem Rashid (Christ Church Mosque Victim) will Give you Goosebumps

However I feel the tragic incident of Christ Church mosque has given us great courage. I wonder why doesn’t the world come to the point that Muslims never protest against Christians after NewZealand terror attack? Because Muslims, real muslims know that terrorists have no religion. It doesn’t matter what was the religion of the person who died because of terrorism, they all bleed red. They all felt pain, and all sane human beings regardless of their religion feel pain of the deceased as well.

I thank Shaymaa for representing all the Muslims all over world for highlighting our views… May Allah bless you and you always keep smiling…