PIA Air Hostesses Danced and Distributed Flowers Among Passengers

Pakistan International Airline welcomed Spring and its Passengers in a very unique way. The on board PIA Air hostesses danced and distributed flowers among the passengers. Some of the passengers made videos that went viral. I am seeing some passengers dancing on music too.

In this era of marketing and bringing innovation in promoting your brand, it was indeed a unique idea. Over the night many of us have seen this video, many of us would have thought that PIA is bringing innovation and improvements in its services and promotion.

However, with the name Pakistan International Airline, I am remembering the Airline that made its place because of its services. This was the airline who used to make all its passengers special by providing matchless services.

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While traveling by air, many times I have seen people misbehaving with Air hostesses, by calling them again and again, or complaining about different things, and sometimes even becoming harsh with them. However I have never seen an air hostess being rude with the passengers. This generated a special respect for all air hostesses in my heart. Today on seeing this video, I do not feel good. It was an encouraging gesture to distribute flowers, but it could be done without dancing (even it was very little).