Phone Addiction & Climate Change

How we are adding to global carbon footprint, whenever we intend to call, text or look for updates on social networking apps…….. We are ignoring the effects of phones on our lives and environment, not long ago, when phone was not that affordable and very few people were having it, and now in today’s generation, our kid who even can barely talk, knows how to operate it. We are definitely not denying the fact of importance to connect the world where everything is advancing in glimpse of seconds, but we need to stop for a second and consider the impacts of these wireless phones on the surroundings we live in?

Creating Awareness about Climate Changes

Aim here is not at all to go in depth of carbon footprint calculation of entire life cycle of mobile phones nor to mention the e-waste management issues. Instead prime focus to make people conscious to climate action as their key priority. In Pakistan, according to an estimate of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of mobile subscribers, were 63.16 million in the 2007, and number escalated to 139.76 million in 2017. It is also projected that number would reach to almost 157 million by year 2020, but more can be anticipated. In addition, tele density has reached to 71.81% in 2017, as compared to 44.06% in 2006-07.

Whenever we use the phone, we add to the global carbon footprint and the amount of green house gases emitted, furthermore the power consumption during charging of phone is also linked to global climate. As per summary provided by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,average power consumed a mobile phone is between 3.68 watts. However, if a mobile phone is completely charged but the charger remains plugged in, the power consumption declines to 2.24 watts. And in other case, during rush you unplug your mobile phone without turning off the power of the charger, the charger will consume 0.26 watts of power supply.

As far as annual calculations, we can imagine the energy consumption and cost of charging a cell phone, therefore more energy demand and more utilisation of fossil fuels, and increased emission of green house gases.

We should strive, because we are believers of the fact, even if the impact seems insignificant at start, our collective effort will make the difference. So next time when charging the mobile phone, do consider its impact on environment!!!!