Pepsi and Careem all set to give Pakistanis some serious Retro-feel filled rides!

We all have been noticing that Pepsi has taken an old-timey ride these days with those retro feels and of course we all are loving it!
And to add to the sentimentality, Careem and Pepsi join together to give us a ride full of fun and nostalgia!

Careem users will be able to book the cool “Pepsi Retro Ride” from today, 3rd of April, just by tapping on their phone screens. They’ll be able to book a vintage car as a ‘Ride Later’ option.

To make sure that the riders do actually have the feel of 80s and 90s, Pepsi has branded up the rides with some classy posters.
And once your ride is booked, Careem will give you a ride filled with fun, excitement and prime vintage feels!

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