People buying our dear LUNGHI from ZARA now, LOL

Lunghi from Zara: We are being blamed for copying western culture. Most of our designers are famous for copying designs from Western fashion shows and applying them in their prints. Like Sana Safinaz did in her lawn prints.

Lunghi from Zara
Via Tribune

However Zara has recently copied our very own and very traditional “Lunghi” and have re-launched it as “attractive skirt”. Hilarious 😀

Be it our Kaulapuri Chappal or traditional dresses, it’s a norm for western brands to take our dresses and re-launch them without acknowledging the original idea. The latest edition in Zara’s collection is our traditional lunghi being portrayed as stylish skirt, and can you guess the price? Its £69.99!

Zara has named the article as “Check mini skirt”, as it has brown check pattern. Zara has described it as, “Flowing skirt with draped detail in the front. Front slit detail at the hem. Zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam,” commonly called “Lunghi”.

One can buy this branded skirt for above $100, however here in Pakistan people even argue with the shopkeeper for selling it in mere Rs 200.

We should be proud of our cultural heritage and traditions, and take it with full pride especially when established brand like Zara are copying us.

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