What Pakistanis think of Indians; Lahorified

Pakistani and Indian governments always finds ways to be at loggerheads with each other. We are truly an example of two nations who are in a constant state of bickering; with a few moments of peace. However, there are moments when people raise above the political agendas and open their hearts for each other.

The Knowledge group

Take a look at this video by LahoriFied in which they go around asking Pakistanis what they think of Indians. It is interesting to watch especially because there are several videos from across the border asking Indians about what they think of us.

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LahoriFied ask a variety of different questions from Lahoris about our neighbour. In an interesting reply, some people point out that Indians have small hearts. While almost all of them named their favourite Bollywood actors. By the end of the video all the people wish Indians happy new year and a message of unity and peace. To more serious questions, a lot of people analysed why both countries have poverty. Many people pointed out that Pakistanis have relatives in India but there are always visa issues which makes the barriers stronger.

Video: Give this video a watch and follow LahoriFied for more interesting stuff.