Pakistani Women Give Sexual Favours to Get Political Positions-Says Reham Khan

How far this woman will go to get cheap publicity? How much degradation does Pakistan has to face because of her? These are some mind boggling questions. We Pakistanis hate it when someone talks about false image of Pakistan, and this woman is degrading Pakistan on international forums!

In an exclusive interview with Sanjay Suri on CNN, Reham Khan gave these derogatory comments about Pakistan.

Reham Khan has been in news because of her controversial book. It started as a war on twitter between Hamza Ali Abbasi-a staunch supporter of PTI and Reham Khan, ex wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan. From the time this controversy has started, we are hearing new things everyday. Initially the book was only about PTI and PML-N, then we read about Wasim Akram and his deceased wife involvement in it.

Earlier today Jemima Khan or Jemima Goldsmith talked about suing Reham Khan for her libellous book. 

But Reham Khan’s comments about Pakistani women in politics is too much to digest. There should be some measures taken o stop this lady from further defamation.