A Pakistani Student Invented A Mehndi Printer!

A youth from Karachi has invented a machine that will print mehndi design on hands. This means it will be more efficient and will not require any manual assistance.

An engineering student of Bahria university, Ubaidullah spent $200 on inventing  the machine in around five months. He has presented his new gadget at business startups and tech expos which is by all means a great thing. Even better is the news that a Dubai based businessman has shown interest in investing for commercial sale of the machine.

I’m all for new inventions and progress in science but then there are things that are better off without ‘progress’.  Like this mehndi printer machine.

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By all means progress in science is what we need. It is good news that our youth is inventing new things even if it is a mehndi printer. But do we need one?  Applying mehndi designs is an art form, it should not be made ‘scientific’.  The art  of applying mehndi is not just the design itself; it is about the event,  girls gathering laughing, singing and gossiping on chand raat or in shadi wala ghar.

Mehndi application
via India Today

What fun would be applying mehndi if women won’t gather for mehndi sessions right before Eid and shadi amidst all the preparations. It will take away the charm of going to a salon or hiring home services for henna application.

But lets watch out for the invention to bring a new face of henna application in Pakistan. Change is always good so we are open to it.